A Texas transplant living on the moody East Coast of the United States, I moved to Baltimore over a decade ago for art school and never left. I was sucked in by the small town feel after arriving from the ever-expanding city of Houston. From 2006-2016, I co-directed Current Space, an artist-run gallery and studio, alongside two close friends, and I am forever grateful for the creative community that I became a part of from my time there.

My daughter was born in late 2014. Her arrival forced me to step back from everything that I was doing and take a deep breath. Although I had graduated from art school and was running an art space, I realized that I hadn't allowed much time for making my own work. I was on an unintended, silent hiatus. All of a sudden, a new life was developing before my very eyes and my perspective was changing in ways I’d never imagined. I am thankful to her, and her father, for helping me re-discover myself and my love of art-making. 

My interest in textiles began with wanting to commemorate the life of my father. For close to fifteen years I had wanted to make something that my family could pass down for generations. I decided to make a photo quilt using cyanotype-coated fabric. The process was incredibly slow. I made negatives from scanned photos and printed my father's life on fabric using the sun. Two years later, I finished the quilt, and my obsession with fabric, natural hand-dyeing, and hand-stitching, had begun and continues to excite me.

- Monique-Nicole Olivo Crabb